Kathleen - Guru of all things

She is the visionary behind Scruffy to Fluffy, and is responsible for the ragamuffin band that works here. When she's not here, she's trimming her Christmas Cactus to look like a bonsai tree.

Luci - all around helper

When anyone on the team needs anything, she is there on a dime! Everyone needs a Luci... but you can't have her. She is ours.

Lisa - Expert Groomer
The newest addition to the family, Lisa comes with years of experience. She can expertly groom your pet to look exactly how you want! When she is not at the shop, she loves to laugh at home with her husband and son, and train her new puppy, Lilly.

McKenzie - Detail Bathing

She takes extra care to expertly clean every part of your pet - they'll smell so good that even your mother wouldn't know you have a pet in the house! 

Rita - Detail Bathing

Splish splash, dogs taking a bath, on a Saturday night... 

If you bring your pets in on a Saturday, Rita will be the one to make them shine!

Emily - Expert Groomer
She has years of experience and knows just how to groom your pet. When she's not at the shop, she loves horseback riding, and long walks on the beach.